chiropractor / fitness consultant

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Who is Dr. Steve...

Dr. Steve Nandkeshwar, D.C. completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in June of 1998 from Life West University, Hayward, CA.

He has extensive experience in the treatment of various injuries through chiropractic and sports rehabilitation and has served patients throughout Silicon Valley.

In addition, Dr. Steve is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM.

His knowledge of body mechanics allows him to help individuals achieve their peak-performance through proper strength training, speed, agility, and cardiovascular endurance.

​Some patients are both Chiropractic  and personal training clients, allowing  Dr. Steve the opportunity to assist them in achieving their overall health and fitness goals. Dr. Steve has an "integrated wellness" approach to the treatment of injuries. His proven method incorporates a variety of techniques such as physical therapy, massage therapy, sports nutrition as well as strength and conditioning.

Dr. Steve is passionate about chiropractic and is dedicated to helping others achieve their wellness goals. "Remember to prioritize your health or your health will prioritize you."